What forms of payment do you accept?
- I accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and almost any other kind of credit or debit card. I also accept Paypal and its options.

How secure is payment?
- I use Paypal and Stripe to process transactions. Paypal keeps all sensitive buyer information secure. Additionally, all PayPal transactions are protected by advanced data encryption. Stripe is certified as a Level 1 Service Provider, which is the highest level of certification for payment processors.

Is Tax included in total?
Tax automatically varies depending on your location and may apply at checkout.

I've never purchased art online before. As a collector, can I trust you?
- Yes. I have many satisfied buyers and collectors who can vouch for how serious I take shipping out my artwork and for being thorough and transparent in any and all communication. 

How can I get more information about a particular work?
- Any additional information, including size and signature details, can be found in the “Art description'' section on the artwork page.

Do you offer prints of your paintings? 
No. My paintings are one of a kind originals that are not available for prints. I feel that original works of art hold a special pulse — one that prints cannot replicate. Reproduction of my artwork in any way, whatsoever, is forbidden without my full and clear written consent. 

What is a Certificate of Authenticity?
- A certificate of authenticity (COA) is a document from an authoritative source that verifies the artwork’s authenticity. The certificate of authenticity is signed by the artist. For artists, buyers, and collectors, certificates of authenticity are vital to ensuring the legitimacy or value of artwork. Certificates of authenticity also enable artists and collectors to protect themselves against fraudulent artwork. All of my paintings arrive with a signed certificate of authenticity.

Can I buy your artworks on other platforms?
- No. This is the only place where you may purchase my artwork.

Can I commission you to complete a painting?
- Yes, though I am selective, I do accept commissions. Commissioned paintings are $300 (shipping and handling included). *I require a 50% non-refundable deposit upfront. Commissioned paintings are shipped after full payment is received. Commissions are available in three sizes: 8x8 inches, 8x10 inches and 10x10 inches. Frame included. If the commissioned painting is intended to be used for album art, book covers or anything else that would require a high quality digital image, I will gladly provide that at no extra cost, before shipping your painting out to you. For inquiries relating to commissions, reach out through contact form.