Below are a few statements from people who have ordered art from me. If you would like for your review to be displayed on this page, please get in touch.

''This is my first oil painting by Cierra but I have followed her paintings for a few years now. I have had my eye on this particular painting since I saw it in her interview and finally had to have it. I am in love with the colors and texture of this painting. She also inserted a nice little card with my certificate which was a nice touch. Payment was simple. She emailed me after I placed my order and then again after she shipped it giving me the rundown on shipping handling and estimated arrival to my home. I've had to chase people up for this before so it was a pleasant change to have the artist email me those important details without me having to ask and wait. The packaging was secure and I had no issues receiving my order. I'm beyond impressed and so happy that I now have the painting that I've been looking at online for so long! The question now is what room am I going to hang it in!!? ''
- Tasha J. | Tennessee

''The level of communication and care taken with my order was impeccable. The painting arrived in perfect condition, and that is something I take seriously as a collector of fine art. I would highly recommend this brilliant artist. You won't be let down!''
- G . Andrews | Stockport, United Kingdom

''He loved it Cierra! :) You are our favorite right now. Thank you again. Also your wrapping of materials is unparalleled!''
- A. Gant | Colorado, USA

“To create one’s world in any of the arts takes courage. -Georgia O’Keeffe
To say that I am incredibly blessed to have been chosen as one of Cierra’s elementary teachers is an understatement. Even as a young child, she approached life and learning with insatiable curiosity, contagious optimism and determination to excel. This imperishable spark is so very evident in her art work and in the personalized service she provides those who are so inspired by her creations. Not only am I impressed with her unique artistic talent, but I must say that I am so pleased with the exceptional care taken to see that my beautiful painting and certificate of authenticity arrived in perfect condition. Much love went into the packaging and shipping of my purchase. Cierra has an undeniable passion for sharing a little bit of her world with others so they may embrace her spark for living life and spreading joy. I’m honored to be the owner of one of Cierra’s masterpieces. Through the strokes of brushes, she creates worlds through which imaginations can freely roam and captures the essence of her own rare and personal beauty. Passion and courage are evident in her work. I can only smile when I see her painting gracing the entryway of my home. It’s a reminder of the sweet little girl who touched my life years ago and of all the good and grace that still exists in our world today.''
- D. Link | Kentucky, USA

''I commissioned Cierra to do two paintings for a private collection and when we saw them in the flesh we were elated. I couldn't be happier with my purchase and we love her work. ''
- Armand H. | France

''Where to start... I have bought paintings from Cierra going back as far as 2016. Already painted subjects to one of a kind personal commissions her work is outstanding. I've never been into paintings until I came across this artist. Her work spoke to me in a way I can't fully describe and after getting my first piece from her I was in actual shock when I had it in my hands. It was a powerful moment for me, I could feel the emotions that were being conveyed through the imagery and choice of paint colors. Amazing ! Her custom commissions are also worth the asking price, communication is there, your vision or idea executed as described by you. In the end just know this wonderful artist put time, effort and her life into your custom piece. Get with her today! You won't regret it.''
- David G. | New Mexico, USA

''Painting was beautiful and arrived faster than expect. I show off my painting to many friends and family and am still in love with purchase.''
- Y. Akita | Japan

''The paintings that I ordered were worth every penny. I commissioned Cierra to paint me a few more after my first order and I love them all. They all arrived on time and in perfect condition. I recommend ordering from her and It goes without saying that I am a fan of her work!!''
- Scott. B | Chicago, USA

''My 'Blue Dooms' painting that I ordered from Cierra is amazing. It is the perfect piece for us! I love her art and I cannot wait to order another painting from her!! So good to find an artist in my home state, will be recommending to others!''
- Lori D. | Kentucky, USA

''I have been a lover of the arts since my youth. My wife and granddaughter are also art lovers. We were all very happy to hang Cierra's work in our home. Most of the art that I have collected has been collected from German born artists. I like to get to know the artist behind the artwork and when I first saw Cierra's paintings I was immediately drawn in, so I wanted to get to know her. I contacted Cierra and was immediately put at ease by her kindred personality. She was patient and very open to answering all of my questions. The paintings that I have ordered from her, along with a commissioned still life piece currently gracing the walls of my living room, keep me company on days when I can't go out. I highly recommend her and still look forward to collecting more of her beautiful work.''
- M. Hofmann | Germany

''Cierra is hilarious, she kept me laughing while helping me to choose the best painting for a housewarming gift. I can't say enough good things about her or her artwork. She packaged up my order nicely and was always there whenever I had any questions. The painting was already wired to hang when it arrived so I was really impressed and so was my brother. Love her work!''
- C. Stewart | Sydney, Australia

''Cierra's horror paintings are DOPE. I commissioned her twice and ordered an original from her and they are all on our walls. They were all delivered in perfect condition. She's also really cool and surprised me by her love of horror films. This woman has got some serious talent. I LOVE her horror art. i wish she would paint more horror stuff!!!!''
- Jessica S. | Tennessee, USA

I followed Cierra's art for a couple of months before finally ordering a piece from her. I couldn't believe how pretty it looked. Those photos did not do it justice and I still cherish my painting. I recommend her to anyone who loves art and I will be ordering from her again.''
- Shelly N. | Maryland, USA

Great! Very happy with my painting!
- Jon  W. | California, USA

"I reached out to my daughter, and her friends, to see if they knew any young artists. One responded by tagging Cierra. Cierra immediately responded and provided her website. I went to her website, saw her beautiful pieces and chose a piece for my home. Cierra was in constant communication with me, from the time I received her information to when she shipped the piece I purchased. My interaction with her is some of the most amazing and attentive customer service I have ever received!!! The shipment of the piece was flawless. Packaged so well and arrived quickly! Cierra has my support for life, and her work is gorgeous! I'm already ready to add another Cierra Rowe piece to my collection! Don't sleep, y'all! Run to choose/purchase a Cierra Rowe now!
- E. Thirkill | Virginia, USA

''I wanted to get a very special gift for my partner. Something unique and personal. Through a business contact I was introduced to Cierra Rowe Art and from there I decided to commission a portrait of our Greyhound Connie. Obviously as I’m in the UK the portrait was done through a number of pictures that I sent, plus Cierra studied the many pictures of Connie on my FB page. Once the work began she kept me updated with pictures of her progress, and right from the off I knew that this would work out fine. The end result was simply stunning. She had captured the very essence of the dog. Amazing! The picture was sent by overseas post and arrived in perfect condition. The price for the picture that I was quoted was the price I ended up paying. Sadly just a month after the picture arrived Connie passed away unexpectedly. So I more pleased than ever that I have this beautiful picture which hangs in our living room as a constant reminder of our beautiful hound.''
- Martin K. | United Kingdom

''I came across Cierra's work on Instagram and was impressed with the energy and feelings that she puts into her works, my lady love had a dear pet in her dog and she was heartbroken when she passed and as a memento I asked Cierra to paint her portrait, which she did, wonderfully, capturing the light and happiness in the photograph I provided perfectly. I am a believer in the magic of art and Cierra is more than adept and will only get stronger in her creative powers. Much Love and Respect to her and her lovely art.''
- W. Smith | Illinois/United Kingdom