About Art

I use small, heavy-weight triple primed canvas panels (8x8 in., 8x10 in.) paired with high quality high viscosity, pigment-rich, lightfast acrylic paint to complete my paintings. Smaller sizes are more enjoyable for me to work with. I layer my colors on top of each other and crave movement, hue, energy and depth. The tools that I use are mainly brushes sometimes paired with palette knives. My paintings are one of a kind originals that are not available for prints. I feel that original works of art hold a special pulse — one that prints cannot replicate. Generally it can take me anywhere from several hours to several days to complete a painting. 

How I capture my work:
Rather than photograph my paintings, I instead scan all of my finished work to ensure that I capture each painting's true quality or very close to it. Nothing beats seeing and feeling a work of art in the flesh so I should also add that occasionally actual colors shown within my paintings may vary slightly from your screen, due to computer monitors, settings and devices possibly displaying colors differently.

I am open to answering any and all serious questions relating to my paintings. If you have a question about my art that can't be answered on this page or on my FAQ page, please contact me through my Contact form

All artwork and images Copyright © Cierra G. Rowe